Matrimony customs in Eastern Europe

Nowadays, we associate celebratory pre-wedding rituals with marital showers and bachelor parties. Nevertheless, in Eastern Europe, they are much more significant occurrences. These rites aid in establishing a relationship with the past, present, and future.

The traditions that a bride and groom follow to let the world know they intend to get married are known as betrothal rites. In the past, a man may give his intended gift—often pennies or rings—to the recipient. Presently, the couple frequently releases white birds or balloons to symbolize their union and love.

Many eastern european nations have a custom of placing flowers on the couple’s eyes as they move down the aisle. This represents their relationship with Mother Earth and their desire for fecundity in their innovative relationship.

The days and nights leading up to a marriage in Romania are jam-packed with enjoyable routines for the future Mrs. and Mr. to partake in with pals. The term “abduction” refers to one such task. The soon-to-be sister’s friends will collaborate in this situation to kidnap the wife in a way she has previously known. Then she is made to pay a payment that could be anything from cash to vodka.

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The festival itself serves as a powerful symbol for the bride and groom. A bride wearing an old, borrowed, and new outfit is a common symbol in Eastern European beliefs to represent the fact that their parents and friends are assisting them in beginning this new chapter of their livelihoods.